It's not Project Spartan.. It is Microsoft Edge


If you might have not seen it yet, #Edge is the name of Microsoft's all new browser that is making news everywhere. This will come pre-loaded with Windows 10 (releasing in September/October this year) for general public however at this time also, you can taste a bit of its magic in the Insider Preview of Windows 10 (aka technical preview of Windows 10).

Take a look at the video MSFT just launched. If Microsoft deliverers what it showcases, Chrome and Firefox are at the 'edge' of losing the game.

What you'll love 

  • It's got Cortana. The smart digital assistant that you will see on all Microsoft devices be it PC's or Tablets or Phones is deeply integrated with this masterpiece.
  • Long needed features such as direct annotations on webpages and sharing with loads of apps are coming. Cheers.
  • Its fast, familiar and powerful cross the devices.
  • Reading mode. This one is great and intelligent enough to help you read better by turning off all those annoying ads and other clutter. Just read.
  • It could just be the best browser if you have got a touch device. It is equipped with some very intuitive touch features that I presume will be mind boggling.
Many more features like brand new UI with easy to manage thumbnails and searching only using voice commands etc. Keep the fingers crossed!


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