Check if a computer is part of a domain or not (and which Active Directory Domain)


One of the quickest way of checking if a computer you are on is Workgroup joined or domain joined for admins is by Going to the Settings > System > About > Advanced System Settings> Computer Name 

Alternatively, you can also do a right click on the My Computer folder > Properties > Advanced.

A quicker way of getting to the information (while also finding more helpful information about the computers is to use Get-ComputerInfo cmdlet. You can use it like:

Get-ComputerInfo | select *domain*

For personal machines (not joined to any domains) it will show up under the csdomain as WORKGROUP and CsPartOfDomain as FALSE

For domain joined machines, these parameters will show the name of the domain it is joined to. Also, you can note which type of the server it is (e.g. Memberserver, DomainController, PimaryDomainController etc.) under the CsDomainRole


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