What else we badly need from Office 365?


Office 365 is undoubtedly one of the best productivity solution for your business. It flies miles above the competition when it comes to the managing emails, kicking a meeting(the professional way), collaborating with your team and of course, staying productive while on computer with all familiar MS Office installed on nearly 60% of the market.

I personally am a Microsoft evangelist almost loving working on Microsoft Cloud Technologies but it is said that nothing is perfect, so is the premier cloud service from Microsoft. I assume it's my moral responsibility let you know a few dips-&-tips in Office 365. It too has a number of limitations or I should say, "Wanted Features" that could ease the IT Administrator's task easy.
With my personal experience of deploying and managing Office 365 for long enough, I have figured a list of those features where Microsoft could play pain. Don't you miss the points to consider before and after switching to Office 365.

1) Open Shared Calendar on mobile devices
2) Exporting list of mobile devices running ActiveSync under your tenant in Office 365
3) Pushing GAL to personal contacts folders for all users
4) Ability to know whether the email was sent to your mail id or to an alias.
5) Easily adding pictures in signature to OWA
6) Syncing personal mail signatures between OWA and Outlook over ActiveSync
I have also tried and did a little homework to find some workaround to some extent. 

I know other intellectuals like you must also have noticed/suffered with similar limitations in features of Microsoft Office 365 compared to other solution providers like Google Apps, Zimbra, Domino Lotus, Yahoo etc. You're welcome to share on the comments, after validating, we will add them here in the list, to spread the awareness..!


I welcome you to write your comments here..