Open Shared Calendar on mobile devices


ActiveSync can only sync calendars owned by user to mobile device. There is not available to view the shared calendar on ActiveSync client currently. For a workaround, users can open shared calendar on OWA, Or third party applications can be used:
Android: Colup -Shared Exchange Items
Price: INR 278.25
Free trial also available.

Description: Calendar, contacts & tasks - administrate shared Exchange items on all smartphones

Trial version now available – just search “colup – demo” and test the app for 14 days.
Increases the connectivity between Microsoft Exchange and iOS/Android-based smartphones: colup enables the access to shared items in Microsoft Exchange. View shared calendars, contacts and tasks, create new items and change or delete existing entries.
A Microsoft Exchange Server with Exchange 2007 SP2 or higher is
required. Moreover, user accounts of an Office 365 Exchange platform can
be used.

Planning meetings on the go is getting easier. Having a look into the calendars of your colleagues lets you know who is available. Furthermore, you can add new calendar entries.

Contacts can now be found from your smartphone. The built-in search lets you find any contact quick and easy.

You are using shared tasks in Microsoft Exchange to coordinate your company or to manage projects? colup gives you access to shared tasks on your smartphone to optimise cooperation.

Public Folders
Public Folders can be subscribed in order to use or share the calender, contacts and tasks folder with your colleagues.

Easy setup
Setting up colup is extremely easy. You just have to enter your e-mail address and your password and the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover Service does everything else. All necessary server information is added automatically and you can access all elements in a matter of seconds.

Improvements or bugs?
We are looking forward to your ideas for improving the colup App. We will have a look into your proposal and, if possible, will include it in a later version.
If you find a bug in the app, you can let us know anytime.


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