Skype for Business Online PowerShell connections are blocked



You as a Global Admin or Skype for business Admin or Teams Administrator cannot connect to Skype for Business PowerShell Module. The Error that appears is as follows:

New-PSSession : [] Processing data from remote server failed with the

following error message: Skype for Business Online PowerShell connections are blocked.


Microsoft has discontinued the Skype for Business Online PowerShell module and you cannot download the old powershell module anymore. If you have the module already installed on your machine and you try to connect to the service, you get the above mentioned error. 

Teams administrator were notified through Message center post (MC244740, dated March 16, 2021; MC250940, dated April 16 2021) about this change.


You can update the Microsoft Teams PowerShell on the machine and use it to connect the online service using PowerShell.

# Open PowerShell as an Administrator, and use update-module cmdlet. 

Update-Module MicrosoftTeams 

Once Updated, you can connect to Microsoft Teams using the Connect-MicrosoftTeams Cmdlet



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